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Disruptive Pattern 


Three-monitor display, loop
With : Amie Mbye

In this work, the title referencing directly to the camouflage material, the artist continues to explore ways of being invisible but present in the age of of awareness and self-awareness under surveillance. It continues the artists interest in the contradictions in the politics of visibility and representation, and what it means to be visible with in a situation of constant surveillance while at the same time striving for self-preservation. The video work consists of loops and averts from a linear narrative and through the improvisation of the dancer, we get a sense of time, while the location and her face remain ambiguous.


Instagram repost from @bibliothekswohnung



Aurora Sander

Nigin Beck

Paul Hance

Adam Harvey

Porpentine Charity


Anastasia Kubrak

Sandra Mujinga

Raphaela Vogel

Jan Vorisek 

Exhibition: June 6, 2018 - September 2,2018
Tropez, Berlin


Images courtsey of Tropez

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