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Hoarse Globules


June 1, 2018 -August 26, 2018

UKS, Oslo

Images courtsey of UKS






Re-imagining Things l (excerpt)

Re-imagining Things l


At Kunstnerens Hus, Oslo

Duration: ca. 30 min

With: Amie K. Mbye, Felicite Muhozi, Hilde Thon, Koubang Mben, Mieri Joak and Phylis Ama Boateng. 

The performance activated the 3-channel video installation with live electronic music and six models. It was part of Mujinga's exhibition 'Hoarse Globules' at UKS in Oslo, which lasted until 26th of August 2018 and was the first part of a three-day performance event at Kunstnerens Hus.

Re-imagining Things ll


At Kunstnernes Hus, the artist has created a darkened display build-up around a series of curved walls and projections, changing positions and film footage on a daily basis. The terrain is activated by three related live events—RE-IMAGINING THINGS I-III—introducing a collective set of voices breathing through the display. On Saturday 2 June at 3pm there will be a talk including Mujinga herself together with Jessica Lauren Elizabeth Taylor, Isaiah Lopez and Deise Nunes. 

In an entirely shifted spatial set-up, on day two of the exhibition at Kunstnernes Hus Mujinga’s installation is centered on the video work Nocturnal Kinship recently mounted in Berlin. This footage shows documentary material of elephants altered by a continuous reworking of their skin, this hard surface becoming soft and shiny. 

Against this backdrop, the talk will address questions of visibility and opacity, existing in darkness vis-à-vis surveillance and representation, and the creative potential within communities.

Re-imagining Things lll


On this final day, Mujinga’s display of a new configuration of walls combines with new-age relaxation videos from YouTube, showing aquariums and underwater life. At the closure of this day, two vocalists will experiment with finding their voices through hoarse sounds. Mimicking each other and working with speech acts, reading a text, and collective pop-singing instructed by Mujinga, their singing disappearing and reappearing, decreasing and increasing in strength via electronic amplification.

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