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Atrophic Giants


Tinted glycerine and PVC Ca.  2 x (140 x 300 cm)

July 4.-5, 2018 KLUBRÅ

Roskilde Festival

Sandra Mujinga has made two Atrophic Giants, two sculptures made from PVC, burned acrylic paint and glycerin. When the underlying tissue breaks down, the skin becomes thinner and the distinction between the inner and outer body is weakened, hence the title Atrophic Giants. The piece works with the idea of the mutated and refers directly to Octavia Butler's sci-fi trilogy Xenogenesis. Sandra Mujinga accompanies her sculptures with a DJ set.



Photo credit: Emil Agerskov and Christine Løkkebø

040718_KlubRÅ_Emil Agerskov (6).jpg
040718_Sandra Mujinga_Emil Agerskov (2).
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